Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby HTML5

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smashing into opponents in a massive 3D arena! As you demolish cars and emerge victorious, youll earn cash that you can use to upgrade and customize your car, making it a more stylish and high-performing machine! Get ready for the ultimate demolition derby experience, where only the strongest will survive! The drifing mechanics in Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby are simply amazing! Youll be able to slide your car around corners and execute spectacular drifts, leaving your opponents in the dust! This game is perfect for anyone who loves to feel the adrenaline rush of high-speed car battles. The crash cars in Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby are incredibly detailed and realistic. Youll be able to smash and destroy cars in the most spectacular ways possible! Get ready to see some truly epic wrecks as you battle it out in the arena.

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For mobile device use button and for version web WASD to drive C change camera



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